About Andy

Andy Zull is a father, husband, hiker, reader, writer, w’rithmatic’er, a world traveler, a unicyclist, a non juggling lefty, he’s generally grain-fed, 100% organic, and nutritionally is made up of approximately 80% beef, 10% chicken, 6% fat, 4% of mechanically-separated other, and finally, he’s a dog loving beach loving sports car enthusiast and a nerdy explorer.

I write purely for the enjoyment of it and because it makes me laugh. I know laughter is contagious and it’s something we need to share.

One of these excerpts is a completed novel and others are just sprouts waiting to grow, among many others.


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Author, writer, father, husband, humorist, nerd, lefty, grain fed, 100% organic, 80% beef, 10% chicken, 6% fat, 4% other, geiger counter carrying dog loving well-traveled beach bum who loves sports cars.